Pediatric Orthodontic Appliances

Smile Starters Dental not only provides children’s dental cleaning at our locations in North Carolina, but we also have an in-house lab capable of creating pediatric orthodontic appliances for kids. Throughout your child’s lifetime, they may need to quit thumb-sucking, straighten their teeth, fix dental spacing issues, and more.

Thumb-Sucking Devices

The effect of prolonged thumb-sucking is severe. If your child continues to suck their thumb past age four, it could affect your child’s developing jaw and dental structure. Luckily, here at Smile Starters Dental, we make orthodontic thumb-sucking devices to help your child break the habit for good.

Pediatric Groper Appliance

The pediatric groper appliance is an ideal dental aid for children as it can last throughout the child’s rapid dental growth process. When a child loses their primary anterior teeth, gropers help maintain the created empty space to make room for new teeth coming in. This helps improve the child’s smile throughout their growing years. Gropers are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Band and Loop Space Maintainer

Children may prematurely lose their primary or secondary molars, which could potentially create dental spacing issues in the long run. Bands and loops maintain the space created within the mouth, so when new teeth grow in they grow in properly.

Upper Nance and Lower Lingual Holding Arch

Both upper nance and lower lingual holding arches use stainless steel rings known as bands and stainless steel wire to create space in the upper and lower arches of the mouth, helping molars grow in properly. We place the lower lingual holding arches on the lower teeth, and the upper nance holding arch on the upper teeth.

Flipper for Young Teens with Missing Front Teeth

We all remember what it feels like to be missing your two front teeth, and how uncomfortable it can be. Smile Starters Dentals makes flippers for young teens with missing front teeth. Flipper teeth are temporary false teeth that work like a retainer. They’re removable and designed to fit the patient’s mouth.

If you think your child needs orthodontic appliance, please reach out to schedule an appointment and one of our pediatric dentists will see them as soon as possible. Check out our full list of locations to see which Smile Starters Dental in North Carolina is close to you.