A tooth-friendly Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and you know what that means… candy and lots of it. “Candy” is not an unfamiliar word for our Dentist; I think they say “candy” numerous times a day. Every time we visit them we all hear the “are you staying away from candy/sugary stuff?” We try to laugh it off, but let’s take it serious. We all want those delicious sweet gummy bears, hard candy or chocolate bars right? Of course we do! We don’t just spend hours trick or treating from house to house collecting yummy candy and just not have it. Just like everything in life, there is a limit. We can enjoy our sweet but lets limit the sweet intake. The American Dental Association gave us some recommendations that are pretty…sweet! Remember that we just want the best for you and your family’s dental health!

These recommendations include:

  • Let’s stay away from sticky candy.
  • Think twice about that hard candy. Hard candy can damage/break your teeth.
  • Try and eat candy with meals.
  • Avoid drink with too much sugar.
  • Floss, floss, floss
  • Brush 2 x day
  • Schedule dental checkups every 6 months


We hope you have a safe and tooth-friendly Halloween!


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